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A Must Read Guide to Violence


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What is Violence? Violence is defined as an expression of behavior, activity, or sentiment that consists of destructive, enraged, or malicious tendencies; Violence can be expressed either in deed or in word, entailing a multitude of respective expression(s). Within the realm of criminal legality, the uncontestable presence of Violence within specific activities undertaken by individuals must be substantiated with a trial; attorneys and lawyers litigating cases will be responsible to either prove or disprove violent intent and forethought inherent in the crime in question. Violence and Charges of Aggravation Elements differentiatingaggravatedcrimesand other criminal activity can be substantiated in the presumed presence of violence, malice, and the intent to cause harm within the criminal activity in question. While aggravated charges are qualified by the presence of violence, threats, and malice, other natures of criminal activity may involve circumstances in which suspects in may allege that the victim was unharmed. Within the realm of violence and aggravated charges, the following – additional – charges may be applicable: An aggravated felony is the definition of a crime committed in an intentional, premeditated manner, in which the presence of violence and injury is common Aggravated Assault is a type of criminal activity that involves violence and injury sustained by the victim in question; individuals suspected of aggravated assault are presumed to have intended to cause severe bodily harm Aggravated Robbery charges can be classified as criminal activity facilitated with violence; criminal activity may involvethe use of a deadly weapon or victims classified as minors or the elderly Violence in the Media The presence of the depiction of violence within the media has been an ongoing source of debate; lobbyists vary in their respective stance with regard to the overarching impact that media-portrayed violence has on its viewers – oftentimes, the prospect of minors being considered to be the most-susceptible to this form influence is not uncommon within advocates for the regulation of violence portrayed by the media Types of Violent Crimes The following crimes involve the presence of violence with regard to the criminal activity latent within them: Rape is defined as illegal and unlawful sexual intercourse resulting from the absence of expressed consent shared between the parties involved Murder is defined as thetermination of a life of an entity at the hands of another entity; this crime is classified by the premeditated, planned, and methodical nature of this action – violence is typically present within murder convictions Child Molestation is defined as sexual defilement of an individual who is considered to be a minor or child; child molestation retains the classification of a violence-based crime due to the fact that intentional manipulation, exploitation, and damage is typically latent in this type of crime A Hate Crime is an intentional, deliberate, and methodical crime executed in order to cause harm with regard to the specificity of a victim typically chosen as a result of the perpetrators’ own unlawful prejudice, racism, resentment, or bias; oftentimes, hate crimes are conducted with the facilitation of violence due to the aggravated nature of the crime

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